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40 for 40 Live Answering - San Francisco

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40 for 40 Live Answering - San Francisco
With the 40 for 40 plan you get 24 hour live answering service that includes 40 minutes of operator minutes per month, Free local or toll free number, instant activation. This plan is only for clients who need basic message taking with messages sent to your email. This plan does not support services such as call transfers, on call, dispatching etc. This product is managed entirely online. The initial invoice includes the first month of service, with no setup fee. Subsequent months are automatically billed on a month to month basis.

IMPORTANT: Does your company collect, transmit, or store any personal health information or are you in anyway associated with the medical industry?

Due to HIPAA compliance regulations and our intent to protect your clients' personal health information, VoiceNation is currently not accepting new accounts related to the healthcare industry. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Select Phone Number
Please select a phone number that will be yours to advertise. If you already have a number, you will need to select a VoiceNation number to forward your calls to:
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$75 one time fee (Enter Your Requested Number Below)

Messages Only
I confirm that my account will only be setup to take a message and email those messages to me. All account changes will be done online as this plan does not include live support due to the simplicity of it. If in the future you require more advanced features such as on call, patching, order taking etc. this requires an upgrade to our premium plans which includes a one time $75 account support fee. 
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